january, 2020

16jan12:00 am11:59 pmGrit with Grace, The Spirit and The Special - A Retreat to India12:00 am - 11:59 pm Earth Yoga Colorado, 1381 Forest Park Circle, Unit #102


Experience India.

There is no more sacred connection to our practice than a trip across the see to the great land and people of India. Join Shannon Paige and special guests for an inspired journey to many of the most precious spaces of spiritual connection on the planet.

Join us in Incredible India

This cOMing January 16, 2019 – February 2, 2020

Grit with Grace.

See Inspired Sites. Embody the Ancient and Exotic.

I love India. I feel as though it loves me. My adventures within its beautiful cities, country-sides, temples, and waters have always poured forth powerful coincidences, insights, and blessings. About every year or so now, I feel her call me… home.

So, this winter, we go. We. Come with us.

India is so stunning and gorgeous…. she is full of complications and contradictions. I think this makes the place truly unimaginable and unforgettable. It is not always organized, tidy or spacious; however, it is uncommon. It is the uncommon nature that makes me smile, as that is where we find the grace that is not readily available on the mat and in the studio.

I have a great friend, a brother-figure, really. who manages the most honest and wonderful tour company in India. He is a gifted scholar. I expressed my goal of returning with a beautiful group, hell bent on exploring temples, studying mythology and seeing the uncommon sites rather than the usual. In this note I sent my dream trip, all of the places I would want to visit with this group on this trip, fully knowing that based upon availability and the limitations of travel and time, my dream trip might only be partially possible,

He made it possible.

From Chennai to the sound of surf of the Ocean, to the dancing Nataraj in Chidumbarum, to the glorious Ganges of Varanas… to the unreal Ajantha caves…. To the art of Kochi and an inspired houseboat stay…. to a restful Ayurvedic replenishment before we return home. I am blown away. This will be my fifth trip to India and I have not seen several of these sites!

It will be a trip that we will not soon forget. It is guaranteed to be the journey of a lifetime.

If you are interested in seeing some of the sites that MUST be seen in India with me, read on…. View the pictures and videos on our site and ask questions, I can literally talk about India until I am blue in the face!

Soulful Itinerary…. Wow.

Jan 16th Depart Home fly India – Chennai

Jan 17th Arrive Chennai

On arrival transfer to the hotel overnight at Hotel.

Jan 18th Chennai – Mamallapuram

Morning Shopping for Indian clothing and drive to Mamallapuram, on arrival check inn hotel and evening free for Yoga and relax stay overnight Mamallapuram

Jan 19th Mamallapuram

Morning after breakfast Drive to Kanchipuram to visit temples of Shiva and drive back to Mamallapuram, afternoon free for Yoga and personal activities, overnight stay at Mamallapuram

Jan 20th Mamallapuram – Chidambaram

Morning after breakfast drive to Chidambaram enroute visit Auroville in Pondicherry and post lunch visit Aurobindo ashram and later drive to Chidambaram, night stay at Chidambaram

Jan 21st Chidambaram

Morning after breakfast visit Sri Nataraja Temple of Chidambaram and after lunch break at 4pm visit Tillai Kali temple evening free and night stay at Chidambaram.

Jan 22nd Chidambaram – Chennai – Varanasi

Morning drive to Chennai to board the flight to Varanasi, on arrival transfer to hotel in Varanasi and night stay at Varanasi

Jan 23rd Varanasi

Morning visit Varanasi Ghats and later visit the temples of Varanasi full day in Varanasi night stay at Varanasi.

Jan 24th Varanasi

Morning after breakfast drive to Sarnath to visit Buddhist site and evening drive back to Varanasi and stay Varanasi.

Jan 25th Varanasi – Aurangabad

Morning after breakfast drive to the airport to board flight to Aurangabad on arrival drive to hotel and night stay at Aurangabad

Jan 26th Aurangabad – Ajanta – Aurangabad

Morning after breakfast drive to Ajanatha caves and full day Ajanta and back to the hotel and night stay Aurangabad

Jan 27th Aurangabad – Ellora – Kochi

Morning drive to Ellora caves and later drive back to Aurangabad drive to the airport to board flight to Kochi in Kerala on arrival transfer to the hotel and night stay at Kochi.

Jan 28th Kochi

Morning visit Matancherry palace and Jewish synagogue and later in the evening visit Fort Kochi and Harbour cursing Kathakali dance show, night stay Kochi

Jan 29th Kochi – Houseboat

Morning drive to Allapy to board the houseboat and Lunch at houseboat and afternoon visit the villages from the house boat and enjoy the boat coursing and night stay at houseboat.

Jan 30st Houseboat – Kumarakkom

Morning after breakfast disembark from the boat and drive to Kumarakkom check inn Vembanad lake facing resorts and night stay Kumarakkom.

Jan 31st Kumarakkom

Full day free for spa and relax and stay Kumarakkom

Feb 1st Kumarakkom – home

Morning free and relax and late evening drive to the airport to board the flight to home.

Tour Ends.

Program Includes:

· All Intra-Indian Flights.

· All Domestic Ground Transportation.

· All Hotel Accommodations.

· Breakfast and Lunch, Daily

o (Dinner on own, approx. $5-10 US per day)

· All Yoga and Meditation Practices.

o Our focus is NOT asana – so this will not be daily.

o Our focus is culture, people, history and mythology.

· Daily Temple or Sunrise Meditations.

o Access to secret places is unparalleled!

· Lectures and Discussions About Locations, Sites, and Myths

· India Travel Taxes and Temple Tax/Entrance Fees

· Dedicated Tour Guide(s)

Program Does Not Include:

· International Airfare.

· Indian Visa.

· Travel Insurance. Strongly Recommended.

· Spending Money.

· Chai (Which is about $.50!!)

· Alcoholic Beverages.

· Tips for Our Drivers and Guides ($100 – your level of giving)/

· Tips for Priests at Temples ($50 max in total)


$3500.00, Early Bird, Paid In-Full.

$3997.00, Payment Plan.

· Attendance is limited. We expect this tour to sell out quickly.

· A $1000 – non-refundable deposit secures your space and allows us to book your travel and accommodations.

· Payment plans are available.

Payment Plan.

· $3997.00 –

o Less a $1000.00 deposit,

o Balance of $2997.00, paid in full by December 2019.

Payments can be made via check, google money, credit card or Paypal.

We will help guide your hand booking international flights, securing your visa, cultural preparation, packing needs, dressing needs, and so on and so forth.

Travel Plans.

Our local Boulder / Denver posse plans on traveling in and out of New York City. As it is often fun to meet in the city a day or two prior to hang out together, take in a meal or two, and to enjoy a show, we hope that you join in the fun! Please, let me know if you are interested in this and we can coordinate hotels, meals, show tickets, etc.

Direct flights are often not possible. My favorite connection is through Brussels, which is the inspired! The airport is the LARGEST chocolate shop in the world! Other interesting connections exist through Moscow, Paris, and London. Connections, of course, affect the price of airfare.

As you are already in Asia, many of our past attendees have extended their holiday and added side trips to Bali, Hong Kong, and Tibet.

Extend your flight information, as soon as you have them, in order for us to arrange your ground transportation.

Travel Visa.

A valid passport and visa are required to travel to India. Please, verify the validity of your passport and secure a visa as soon as you can. The sooner you have it in your possession, the more excited you will be!

“U.S. citizens seeking to enter India solely for tourist purposes, and who plan to stay no longer than 60 days, may apply for an electronic travel authorization at least four days prior to their arrival in lieu of applying for a tourist visa at an Indian embassy or consulate.”

Travel Insurance.

Get it. Due to the boutique nature of our trip and the incredible amount of time and financial commitment to secure hotels and intra-India travel, all investments in this t5rip are non-refundable. Lean into a great Travel Policy, should anything unexpected arise.

Is India Safe?

Yes. This is a peaceful country.

That being said, we will be visiting some BIG cities and being a tourist in any city, a foreign tourist in addition, requires that you be smart with your person and belongings. We will have dedicated transportation (nothing public), our own security, and will stay in excellent, very comfortable accommodations. Money will be easily exchanged at accessible and easy banks, machines, and with a banker – money exchanger, who will COME TO US at our first hotel.

Various Travel Details for India.

Credit cards are easily accepted. There is often a fee to convert from dollars to local currency, as is common when traveling.

Further, I will be very clear on HOW to dress to avoid unwanted attention and to garner the respect of a scholar, as that is what we are there to be. One of our FIRST stops upon arrival will be to secure great clothes for the adventure. (Remember the scene from National Lampoons European Vacation??… When they all looked hilarious after the shopping trip to the high fashion store??? … yeah, not that!) You will be guided by beloved expert sales people at a favorite store towards whatever you like and whatever price range you would like. This store has Sari, Salawar sets, shoes, scarves, jewelry, shoes, the works!

Sari, are five yards of love that wrap a woman as the goddess. They have been the traditional form dress for Indian women for thousands of years. They have an extraordinary history. Click this link to order a book that will fascinate and inspire you! Sari come every possible color, shade, and pattern are available in cotton, silk, and fabric blends. Their price ranges from $2.00 to… haute couture prices! I am most comfortable in a cotton sari and have never spent more than $20 (it was a hand dye, hand loomed from a boutique manufacturer.) When you purchase a Sari, the onsite tailor will take your measurements, cut an extra yard of fabric off from the top to construct the perfect Dhoti, or mid-riff blouse, worn under your Sari. Saris are worn with a simple slip for underneath that holds the silk or cotton wrap in place with its drawstring waist. These saris cost less than $5.00 each and come in every dream-up-able color. It is not so smooth to have a slip peak out from the bottom of a sari that doesn’t match; chances are you will purchase a few to support your color choices. Along our journey, we will have women come wrap us and teach us how to wear them, slightly differently in the northern areas, versus the southern. It feels amazing to be folded into the culture in this manner…. And! They are surprisingly comfortable!

Salawar Sets, or long-butt-covering-STUNNING tunics over baggy pants that taper at the ankle are worn with a coordinating scarf, are worn as a daily outfit for women. These are super easy to wear, festive, tremendously comfortable, and less time consuming than a Sari. I wear these most days in India. You will often purchase these without sleeves sewn on and the onsite tailor will take your measurements and quickly sew your sleeves onto your garment. These range in price from a couple bucks to very pricey, depending on the fabric, print, embroidery, and bedazzlement. You can also buy pieces separately to mix and match J

Shoes are easy. Your favorite walking sandals or slip-ons will be wonderful. In Jaipur, the shoe capital… I bought UNREAL flats for $2-5 per pair….

Men, you can pretty much wear anything EXCEPT shorts and tank tops. When you go into temples, you will wear a simple wrap, a sarong, and scarf and go in bare chested. This is a sign of devotion and respect.

In the day to day, if you wish to look more culturally matching, long cotton tunics over your pants and scarves around your neck are appreciated.

What NOT to wear. This is HUGE for us. To gain access into what we must gain access to as westerners, we must adopt and appreciate local culture. It is greatly appreciated most everywhere and expected in several places. Think about making the attempt to speak French in France, you will get smiles and assistance rather than forcing them to attempt to understand you in English.

Women: NO tank tops. NO SHORTS. No short skirts. NO JEANS. DEFINITELY leave your Hardtails at home. Under no circumstances should you show your shoulders. Even for our yoga practices, please bring t-shirts that cover your bum. See – packing is a breeze!

Men: NO shorts. No tank tops. Avoid T-shirts with negative or political messaging.


Safe and Delicious! All restaurants are preselected by our tour company.

I know the words ‘delhi belly’ are in the back of your mind. Let’s talk about it! Your safety is of first concern, as is your comfort. The food and water along the trip will be well orchestrated and guided. The restaurants that our guides will arrange will know we are coming and will be well versed in meeting our Western belly needs.

Drinking Chai from local places is fine, as the water is boiled to death! I discourage buying cut produce from street vendors; however, sweets, whole fruit, and so forth should be fine. My friends will be CLEAR to guide us.

Cocktails. Yes, cocktails are available at our hotels and several restaurants. These are generally beers, wines (limited selection), and spirits. Expect to pay stateside prices.

Medical Care.

If you catch a bug, which can happen traveling ANYWHERE out of your rhythm, we will address it quickly and easily, as doctors and pharmacies are skilled and plentiful. I take a course of GOOD probiotics prior to leaving and have never had a single issue!

Inspiration and Study

Upon registration, I will offer a reading list for cultural preparation, historical preparation, and mythological preparation.

Anyone registered for the trip is welcome to attend my Mythic Motion Weekend Immersions, Triadic Heart Immersions, etc., prior to the trip to get you JUICED up on the mythical and mystical wonderment of what will be seen! View the schedule under ‘Teacher Training’ on my website.

A site you may wish to visit to get excited is incredibleindia.org

The Sites.

Every place we will see will just about blow your mind. Each of these sites will be lectured upon and discussed in advance, for maximum enjoyment. You will be present at some of the most sacred ceremonies, sites and temples known to man. Many of the places we will visit do not commonly allow non-Hindus for ceremonies and blessing, or darshan.

The People.

Expect to meet some of the most gorgeous beings on the planet, from children to wise elders. You will certainly be spotted as western and have many requests for your photograph. For some reason, we seem as exotic to them as they to us. Prior to the trip, several cultural readings will be extended and webinar discussions opened up to our full gathering.

Across our group. Fully plan on making lifelong friends and some of the deepest bonds you can imagine.

Connections and Planning.

We will set up a Facebook group for pre-post travel connections.

We will have conference calls, in advance, to answer questions and make introductions. Dates will be in September, October and November.

I am happy to extend our travel plans with you, as we book them. Just in case you want to be on the same flights, etc.,

This is truly a sacred place and a pattern of engaging such a gorgeous, rich country.

It will be a trip that you, that we WILL never forget!

It will be supportive and safe (I brought my mom on a trip!)

Please, let me know if you have any questions or needs. Showing you India feels like one of my highest callings and my greatest gifts to give.

With Love,

Shannon Paige Kenney

If you are interested in receiving more information, please reach out directly to Shannon, movingmuse@gmail.com to be invited into a Drop Box India Interest File that hosts several videos, audio recordings, access to the itinerary and hotel list as well as many more pictures.


(Thursday) 12:00 am - 11:59 pm


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