april, 2020

17apr(apr 17)4:00 pm19(apr 19)5:00 pmUnfold You - Retreat4:00 pm - 5:00 pm (19) Shambala Gatherings, Sweden, Borntorpet


We invite you to a course process with the purpose to create deeper human connection to turn this time of crisis into the greatest love story on earth.

This is radical personal development retreat with the purpose to rewire your brain. We offer an exclusive radical and transformative process for you to experience deep surrendering and see more of yourself.

This transformative process is about embracing your body, emotions, mind, intuition, spirituality, sensuality and pleasure by being vulnerable, authentic and surrendering into the unknown. It is about listening and sensing deep within and in the space between. To wholeheartedly celebrate and love the wholeness of you and others.

During this journey you will experience workshops and exercises that takes you into deeper connection with yourself and others such as shadow work, breathwork, meditation, movement and exercises that develops your emotional intelligence and self knowledge. There will be time for self reflection, tuning into your body and also being in stillness.

​You will practice self love, vulnerability, presence, seeing limited beliefs, releasing tensions in your body and opening up to more pleasure and presence. You will form a habit of self-reflection with the purpose to explore what inner stories that creates your outer world. We will support and guide you through this journey of becoming a more mature version of yourself. This will be done in a safe, open, accepting and vulnerable space where you can freely explore yourself in the mirror of the group and life.

You can see this retreat as a portal. A portal you step through to explore a different reality from the one you might usually live in.
You go through the portal and there you are offered a number of experiences that will take you on a journey into your inner world.
In your inner world you will encounter both possible challenges and enjoyable experiences, all of which give you information about yourself and the possibility for consciousness development, integration and the embodiment of new behaviour.

If you’re feeling called to travel through this portal with the purpose to create a life in pleasure instead of pressure and participate in this important paradigm shift that the world needs to see, then sign up and we look forward to travel with you.

Integration, the act of bringing together the parts of a whole.
The missing link for sustainable behavior change in most course contexts is the lack of support with integrating the experience and insights that arise during the course. Therefore we felt the pull to take responsibility for developing a course process where you first go on a course experience and then receive a three month online course for you as an individual and as a group to gain in-depth and support to integrate the insights that emerged during the course.

The online course contains:
a vibrant facebook community with daily sharing, support and challenges to amplify your sustainable growth.
three online course session with Q & A on personal challenges.
a buddy where you have a defined structure and schedule for your buddy conversations and a possibility to be mirrored by a mentor.

Unfold Transformation
We offer courses in advance self knowledge with the purpose to develop the five transformative skills; compassion, openness, perspective taking, value driven and sense making – which maximizes our possibility for deep connection and self leadership with consciousness and precens. Our vision is to be radical facilitators of human connection working in the borderland between science and spirituality. ​Our work harnesses psychology, behavioral science, neuroscience and systems theory to meet the most pressing need on the planet – to nurture a more conscious humanity and a sustainable world.

Pamela von Sabljar
Pamela is one of the initiators of Unfold Transformation, the Nordic Women’s Gathering and a radical facilitator for deeper human connection. She invites people to go beyond what separates us, in order to meet the most pressing need on the planet: to nurture a more conscious humanity and a sustainable world. Read more about Pamela and her work here:
www.unfoldtransformation.com www.pamelavonsabljar.com www.redefinelovetoreinventrelationships.com

Sara Johansson
Sara has a great passion for human behavior and how we can optimize our bodies. Her focus areas are how we can change the chemistry in our bodies through breathwork and how to support and strengthen our bodies through nutrition and movement. She also focus on mindfulness and mental training and how we can create more consciousness by observing and choosing the way we interpret our reality.

Shambala Gatherings
Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

Friday 17 April (16:00) – Sunday 19 April (17:00)

Tier 1 (Tickets 1-10): 6500 kr
Tier 2 (Tickets 11-20): 7600 kr
Tier 3 (Tickets 21-30): 7900 kr


Daily courses and workshops
Movement exercises and breathwork
Food and accommodation (2 nights in double- or triple room)
A 3 month online course

– More than three months notice: 100% of the total cost will be returned.
– 3 months to 30 days notice: 70% of the total cost will be returned.
– Less than 30 days notice: 0% of the total cost of the retreat will be returned.

The retreat will be held in either swedish or english depending on the participants in the group.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the retreat:
e-mail: info@unfoldtransformation.com
phone: +46708149351.

We are looking forward to experience this journey together with you.
Warm regards
Pamela and Sara


17 (Friday) 4:00 pm - 19 (Sunday) 5:00 pm


Shambala Gatherings, Sweden